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Embodied Mental Healthcare

Embodied Mental Healthcare (by Amy Wheeler)
Did you know that your mental state can affect your physical body? On this app, track both your Mental/Emotional State and how that’s connected to the functioning of your body! We have five assessment charts, one for Mental Health & four regarding how your body feels. We help you track your habitual Mental & Physical State & see your patterns. Finally all of our targeted interventions aim to make you feel better!

 Freedom & Connection

You know that feeling you get when everything is going your way and you feel no heaviness – that is called being in Balance! This is a feeling you can achieve on a daily basis! By being balanced you can release the feelings of depression & anxiety.

 Joy & Wonder

Can you imagine if you felt Joy & Wonder every single day!? How amazing would that be? Life is too short to not have these wonderful feelings in our body, mind & spirit on a daily basis.

 Meaning & Purpose
Once you get into balance on a regular basis, it will become easier to find your gifts, work through your challenges and understand what you are here to do in this life! There is a purpose for you, it is just hard to see if you are not feeling well physically and emotionally. It is time to create positive change!


Chronic Pain
Your Body

The Optimal State Method originates from an ancient conceptualization of human health that people having been using for 5000 years (Yoga & Ayurveda) & supported by evidence based medicine & research.

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The Optimal State App is available for free on both iPhone & Android, which can be found in the App Store & Google Play.

Watch these tutorial videos to get a better understanding of how best to use the app!


The Optimal State Method has helped my players in handling stresses and anxiety in all aspects of their lives. Now able to recognize when they face stress and can cope with it at the outset rather than having to deal with it when it starts to get overwhelming. I highly recommend The Gold Zone Book to anyone wanting to reduce stress and live a more balanced and happy life.
Fred Hanover, UC San Diego Golf Coach

Amy Wheeler delivers a concise and moving blend of eastern philosophy and western science in her book The Gold Zone and the mobile App that accompanies it. With an emphasis on lessening suffering for individuals and the potential for entire populations, this is a must read for many people. Not only is it personal, but informative for clinicians of all types, policy makers, industry leaders and anyone interested in more innovative methods to manage health.
Dr. Suzanne Paone, MBA, DHA, RHIA
Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Heritage Valley Health System, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Dr. Wheeler expertly utilizes her decades of knowledge and expertise to create a simple yet effective whole person approach to living “in the gold zone” by guiding the readers to become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. Her easy-to-follow actionable steps are readily accessible to everyone seeking personal transformation. Physicians will appreciate both her methodical structured approach which aligns with the way in which medical professionals think as well as the ripple effect they will have when sharing this information with their patients.
Robyn Tiger, MD, C-IAYT

Amy Wheeler’s program and book provides both a rich understanding and practical application of philosophies for well-being. This program is foundational to self-care that is empowering and supports a personal exploration of practices for each individual and the changes that we experience throughout our lifetime
-Marlysa Sullivan DPT, CIAYT

Frequently Asked Questions

How can this App help me?

We’ve designed a revolutionary app that will help you get to your optimal state of mental and physical health, as well as give you insights into what helps bring about this optimum state of being.

Take an assessment based on how you’re feeling at any given moment. The app will provide you with a tool to help reach the optimal state of your mind and body.

Ideally, you should take an assessment 3 times per day. The ideal time for these are: 6am-10am, 10 am – 2pm, 2 pm -6 pm & 6pm-10pm to yield the most accurate readings of your progress towards reaching your optimal state!

The ideal zone to be in is gold. However, this App is as much about self-awareness and tracking your mental habits as it is actively changing your state of mind. Just knowing that you are feeling out of balance physically or mentally is the first step towards getting into balance.

There are a number of ways to bring yourself into balance and become healthy. You might find some interesting suggestions that will help bring you back into balance. These suggestions can help shift your Mental or Physical state. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get back into balance if you become more self-aware of your state and also try the suggested behavior changes.

Ideally, we recommend that you do the assessment within 30 minutes of checking in with your mental and physical health. Any longer, this might change how you are feeling at the moment and lead to a new evaluation being needed before an accurate intervention can be made.

The app will record every assessment of yours as well as any tools/suggestions that you’ve done for improvement within those assessments. You’ll then be able to look back over the different times throughout days, weeks, months or seasons to get an idea of what is working best for you mentally and physically based on your own patterns and habits. These records will allow us take control our lives by seeing how far we’ve come while also being mindful about future goals.

With a paid subscription you’ll have access to significantly more assessment charts and suggested interventions to help you assess your states. You will also have access to workshops and weekly classes with the paid version. The paid version will also let you document and track your progress over many months, seasons and even years.

You can remove of your data and account by choosing “Delete my Account” from Settings. Your account is immediately removed, and your data is irrevocably deleted as soon as you confirm.

You can modify your personal information (except email) within the App and replace your responses with “Prefer not to say” or number zero.

You will not lose your progress; you’ll pick up right where you left off. All of your past assessments and treatment suggestions will still be there for you when you come back again. If you are unable to see your past data, please email support.

It is based on the ancient science of yoga and ayurveda that has been used for 5000 years to help people on earth stay healthy and happy

We take your privacy seriously. Your personal information is never used for marketing purposes or shared with any third parties. We only use it to suggest better interventions.

Your data is encrypted on multiple levels & your personal information cannot be connected to your mental health tracking data. For this reason, unfortunatly  if you lose your phone we are unable to restore your data to your account, due to the high levels of encryption. There is no corporation or organization that can link your personal information to your mental health data.

Check out these tutorial videos to give you a better understanding of how to use the app.